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Construction Industry Tracking

GSM tracking provides reductions in unauthorised vehicle use and insurance premiums for construction industry.

Using GTCTrack our client achieved 100% decline in unauthorised vehicle usage, 50% decline in dangerous driving alerts and a 5% reduction of annual insurance premiums.

Asset Security



Dust & Water Resistant

The Challenge

Our client is a local civil engineering company which has received multiple reports of unauthorised weekend usage of company vehicles.

The client approached us to find a cost-effective system to track and monitor the locations of vehicles 24/7 in case of unauthorised/poor use or theft.

The Solution

As the company operates within areas of good mobile coverage GTC recommended the Queclink GB100 Asset Tracker as a cost-effective and easy to install device. GTC took care of the device programming – agreed as every 10 seconds upon movement and every hour when stationery.

The trackers were installed in the vehicles by a company employee who connected the device to the vehicles batteries to enable continuous power. GTC then setup geofences, alerts and reports for the client on the GTCTrack Mapping Portal.

The client has their own access to the GTCTrack system allowing them to change driver names, edit geofences as sites change, download reports and setup alerts.

The Results

Easy installation meant that the trackers were installed and functional within a week of the initial enquiry.  The GTCTrack system provides the business with real time information on where their vehicles are 24/7.  Drivers of the vehicles were made aware of the installation and unauthorised use has been reduced to minimal levels while premiums of insurance policies have reduced due to the installation.

“The trackers have provided some interesting information which has allowed us to eliminate unauthorised use and reduce insurance costs. Due to the success we will now look at installing trackers on our plant for security purposes.”

Managing Director
Civil Engineering Company

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