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Case Studies
Expedition Paddler – Arctic Adventure

Satellite tracking of vessel Wild Rover VI on her Arctic voyage.

GTC helped provide the technology that made it possible for a group of modern day explorers to retrace the steps of 1930’s explorer/adventurer Henry ‘Gino’ Watkins.

Led by Jeff Allen, the team will explore the Arctic and North Atlantic islands of Faroe, Iceland and the East coast of Greenland with GTCTrack used to display GPS location information of the vessel on its voyage.

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The Challenge

Jeff’s thirst for adventure is in his blood. His latest expedition will take the team from Falmouth, UK to explore remote and expansive Arctic islands of Faroe, Iceland, Greenland – some of the most remote regions of the world where traditional communications systems are non existent or cannot be relied upon.

Jeff approached GTC with two requirements: Tracking to allow followers back home to follow the progress of this adventurous voyage as well as voice to ensure they can call for help when necessary.

The Solution

Travelling in Arctic regions leaves one choice for communications – Iridium. This is because this satellite network is the only one to offer 100% global coverage.  It is heavily utilised by Arctic explorers who need equipment they can rely on.

To meet the tracking requirements we equipped Jeff with one of the latest satellite asset trackers available – the Iridium Edge Solar.  The Iridium Edge Solar is a compact satellite asset tracker powered purely by solar energy, making it perfect for tracking and monitoring valuable assets anywhere in the world. This device reports its positioning into GTCTrack to record a GPS map of the journey with live tracking available for followers back home.

We paired this with the Iridium GO! for data services which provides a satellite WiFi hotspot capable of downloading critical satellite weather and ice imagery and updating social networks with brief updates.

The Results

This communications setup provides the vessel with everything they need to communicate onboard for both regular and emergency communication. This kit is great for expeditions that have a large following of followers back home, as the live tracking contributes to engagement while increasing safety awareness.

If you’re interested in exploring how this product can work for your next expedition contact us today. We’ll show you all the ways our Iridium solutions are perfect for your needs – no matter where in the world you are travelling.

“We chose GTCTrack for our tracking requirements as they have a wealth of experience supporting major expeditions around the world.  The live tracking increases the engagement of our followers and provides us with critical data in the event of an emergency.”

Jeff Allen
Expedition Paddler

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